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At Ovlivion, we push the boundaries of creativity and technology to breathe life into your brand — in ways that go beyond what's ordinary. From conception to production, our broad range of commercial video production capabilities will be accompanied by our unwavering commitment to you, your project, and your vision.

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What are commercial video ads and why Leverage them?

Commercial video ads are typically concise, punchy visual messages that hit the 60-second mark — though the sweet spot’s around 30 seconds.

Video advertisements aim to shine a spotlight on your brand, and sometimes its offerings. Think of a video ad as a means to captivate and engage an audience, to make them feel a particular emotion, which they’ll then associate with your brand.

Getting into the technicalities of how your products and services work isn’t what commercial ads are for – that’s a job for product explainer videos.

That’s the magic of commercial video production – it’s a spellbinding storyteller, a captivating connector, and a persuasive promoter, all rolled into one.

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What is an eXAMPLE of commercial video production?

In a nutshell, here’s a checklist for video ads that pack a punch:

  • Clocks in under 30 seconds
  • Branding content that sits at a bird’s-eye view (not the specifics)
  • Stirs up the audience
  • Single and focused Call-to-Action
  • Packed with elements that trigger the ‘share’ instinct

WHEN and hOW to Use
Video Ads

Product Launches

What better time to release a video ad than alongside a new product or service? It’s an effective way to generate excitement and anticipation.

Holidays & Special Events

Major holidays, special occasions, or industry-specific events can provide the perfect backdrop for video advertising.

Regular Intervals

Consistency is key in content marketing. Regularly released videos keep your brand in the limelight and your audience engaged.



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Creating Your Concept: The Ovlivion Advantage

Where we craft concepts that click.

At Ovlivion, we believe the inception of a commercial video ad is where the magic truly starts. A sense of anticipation fills the air as we buckle down to create something extraordinary for your brand. And, to be honest, it’s the part of our job that sends our creative juices into overdrive.

Our Mission

Simple: to turn some heads and generate excitement around your product or service. How do we do that? By diving headfirst into your world.

Our Process

We start our journey by getting our hands on your product or service and experiencing the nuances firsthand. You might call it an immersive process — we just call it getting to know you better.

And your market is as unique as your brand. So, our video production strategies, let alone in pre-production, are tailored to reflect just that. We assemble the perfect crew depending on your project’s needs. And, with our expertise connections, we have the resources at our disposition to bring your 

Last but not least, your customers. We don’t get our hands on a camera until we understand them, their needs, their desires, and their language. We slip into their shoes, walk their paths, and speak their lingo. We design your video ad to resonate with them on a level that goes beyond the surface — it hits home.

Our Approach

At Ovlivion, we strike that golden balance between creativity and strategy. Our fresh, innovative concepts aren’t plucked from thin air — they’re grounded in a deep understanding of your product, your market, and your audience. With us, you’re not just getting a well-made commercial — you’re getting a video advertisement that resonates with the very people you want to reach.

So, let’s make a video that doesn’t just grab attention, but holds it.

Welcome to Ovlivion — where we craft concepts that click.

The cost of commercial video production will always vary depending on several factors, including the desired length of the commercial, licensing fees for music and talent, location and set design, the level of editing required in post-production, amongst others. In essence, your budget will dictate the style and complexity of your commercial.

With the knowledge, connections, and expertise to tack on any project, feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you a quote on your next music video.

For ads, it’s all about how many people watch them. If no one sees your ad, it can’t do its job. If that’s the case, you might need to spend money to get more people to see it — depending on your social profiles’ market share. After that, check how much of your ad people are really watching. For, say, a 30 second ad, you want about 8 out of 10 viewers to stay for the whole thing.

But remember: The success of your video ad will only go as far as your marketing strategy takes it. 

With the knowledge, connections, and expertise to tack on any project, feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you a quote on your next music video.

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